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in order to create a flow between our indoor and outdoor spaces, we’re converting 11 feet of windows to doors and joining the dining room with the backyard. tomorrow i’m meeting with a door salesman to discuss some options, and, as you can imagine, i’m pretty excited!

i love the unified spaces—and their portals—below.

factory-style steel french doors…

image(via ???)

another metal door (because i just can’t help myself)…

image(via portella steel doors and windows)

a sleek portal: the bifold doors simply fold and fade away…

image(via lift up thy neighbor)

a more traditional wall of bifold doors…

image(via marvin windows and doors)

massive black statement doors (can be replicated with exterior doors)…

image(via apartment therapy via roman and williams)

double french doors…image(via desire to inspire via amy neunsinger)

sliding french patio doors…

image(via better homes and gardens)

paneless french doors and side windows: a contemporary spin on a traditional entry…

image(via bella mancini design)

i’m not sure which we will chose… what do you think?

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(via sf girl by bay)

i really love black herringbone.

we’re installing a new kitchen floor—i wonder if laying the new wood in a herringbone pattern would define the space in a cool way—or if it would just make the space feel chaotic…

in other flooring news: we (and by we i actually mean a pretty cool dude) patched our hardwood floors a few weeks ago! though the holes made the space feel open and airy—especially if you wanted to throw, say, a lego or your brother down into the basement. obviously, we rushings were living on borrowed, injury-free time. 

our floor guy sealed, but did not refinish, the new wood. it’s looks kinda wonky now, but i believe it was the right decision. we have more projects coming down the pipeline on our main level and we’ll have the entire floor refinished at once so that everything matches perfectly…

plus we spy with our little eyes another wall that needs to go… gonna have to dust off my demo man again!

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the debate over our floor’s future rages. wood must be patched, which means the whole thing must also be refinished (and, really, it’s time anyway.). if money grew on trees, i’d rip our floor out and lay one of these beauties:

(via all things stylish)

(via escapade via elle decor)

though i’m not throwing in the towel just yet (miracles happen sometimes), realistically our budget doesn’t allow for such amazing frivolities. if the decision were up to me alone, i’d go balls to the wall and paint our floor white (post 1 | post 2 | post 3 | post 4), although dark grey would be amazing and undoubtedly more practical (read: easier to keep seemingly clean with little hellions underfoot). josh is not quite sold on this idea as it isn’t mainstream in the states, which brings me to the point of this post: stenciling hardwood floors with stain. this could be very cool…

(via verdigris vie via new england home)

(via an urban cottage)

ideally we’ll make a decision in the next month. wanna weigh in? i’d love to hear what you think…

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now that our drywalling is nearly wrapped (thankfully, because the dust is about to DRIVE ME CRAZY), hanging interior doors falls next on the to-do list after finishing our breaking bad marathon (which OMG season 3, episode 12 just got real). we’re on the market for solid-wood, paneled doors that will be painted either black or charcoal in a high gloss.

the panels on such doors come in a million different configurations. for the bathroom and coat closet i like these…

(two panels via pink wallpaper)

(three panels via ???)

(four panels via poiat architecture and design office)

(six panels via real simple)

because we have a window in our pantry, we’re thinking the door should have glass allowing the natural light to filter into the kitchen…

(eight panes and a panel via tiny white daisies)

this pocket door is a solid contender tho…

(six panel pocket door via room for tuesday)

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the rerouted ductwork in our dining room created space for a very shallow, yet highly functional, built-in, but for now the ducts stand naked, save for a few wires and electronics.

i’ve been pouring over images for weeks and haven’t quite worked out this piece in my mind. other than fitting the space, the piece must have some sort of cabinet to hide—yet provide access to—our electronics.

the window to make my decision is rapidly closing. once the wiring is finished—hopefully, by this friday—the vacant space will stand in the way of drywall repairs.

walk with me…

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